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Mari Uusmaa portree

Mari Uusmaa

Management Board Member

Mari has been with Spin TEK for 14 years, the last 10 of which she has been a part of the management team. Mari manages the operation of the software department as well as our major international projects. She has given presentations at several major conferences around the world and is one of the spokespersons for e-Estonia.

Märt Muttika portree

Märt Muttika

Management Board member

Märt was one of Spin TEK’s first employees, joining the team 30 years ago. Having acquired a technical education himself, today he is responsible for the running of our hardware department, as well as for keeping the infrastructure of the entire Spin TEK team up-to-date. His experience is an invaluable part of Spin TEK’s development story.

Urmas Rebane portree

Urmas Rebane

Data Protection Specialist

With his legal background and strong knowledge of law, Urmas is responsible for data protection issues in our company in addition to contracts. Urmas is also improving his skills in the field of human resources management and is responsible for a number of HR-related tasks.

Tanel Pipar portree

Tanel Pipar

Software Development Manager

Tanel has been developing information systems at Spin TEK for 13 years. Today, he serves as the team’s Development Manager, responsible not only for the development team but also for the overall technological direction and technical excellence of the company. Tanel is also the chief architect of a very large number of our developed information systems.

Merit Künnapuu portree

Merit Künnapuu

Software Senior Project Manager

Merit holds a Master’s level degree in Information Systems Analysis and Design and thus leads our largest projects. Merit’s strength is her analytical ability to help customers digitise their business processes. Over the years, her portfolio has accumulated dozens of projects in Estonia and abroad.

Kristel Küünarpuu portree

Kristel Küünarpuu

Software Senior Project Manager

Kristel has a background in software development, so she finds common ground with developers very quickly. Kristel’s projects include several time-critical systems. Thanks to her detailed thinking, Kristel has also been involved in projects as an analyst and is constantly educating herself in this area.

Ülle Kuusik portree

Ülle Kuusik

Software Project Manager

With a very strong background in accounting, Ülle has been managing various systems at Spin TEK for the last 17 years, where knowledge of economic logic is essential. Her portfolio has historically included a wide variety of software: construction accounting, human resources, finance, rent and lease accounting and pet software.

Maia Vipp-Osa portree

Maia Vipp-Osa

Software Project Manager

Maia came to our team from a completely different background, but being a perfectionist and interested in detail, she has now acquired a wealth of specific and technical skills. Maia’s portfolio now includes several time-critical systems in the Estonian public sector, and she also contributes to the development and maintenance of information systems for foreign markets.

Chiara Britt Masing portree

Chiara Britt Masing

Software Project Manager

Chiara has previously worked in project management in the field of insurance software. She currently manages various public sector projects as part of the team. Chiara is interested in development and also writes code as a hobby. In her work, she enjoys customer interaction and analytical work with developers the most.

Jana Kiviselg portree

Jana Kiviselg

Office Manager

Jana is one of the longest-serving employees in our company, having been in charge of our company’s administration for the past 27 years. Jana is responsible for keeping our company’s communication flowing smoothly, our documents prepared well and on time, our correspondence organised, and all of our administration running smoothly.

Greta-Maria Kivi portree

Greta-Maria Kivi

Marketing and Design Specialist

In addition to marketing and design, Greta is also responsible for the company’s overall internal communication. Having furthered her knowledge through UX/UI courses, she is now involved in the design and usability of our systems and is involved in several of our development projects as a UX/UI designer.

Mart Meltsus portree

Mart Meltsus

Computer Hardware Technician

Mart is our technician, responsible for ensuring the functionality of our own and our customers’ ICT tools, as well as providing technical and software advice to computer users. His broad knowledge helps our customers to find the best solutions.

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