Pet Register LLR

Pet Registry LLR is the only nationwide web-based pet register in Estonia that's in accordance with the law and fulfils the needs and the requirements of local municipalities.

Pet Registry is helps the municipalities in almost every pet related topic. The register is safe, user-friendly and highly functional.

Pet Registry incorporates every pet related party into one infosystem: the local municipalities, veterinarians, shelters and pet owners. Register also contains a Shelter module, which is specially developed to help shelters keep track of their captured animals.

LLR Pet registry:

🐾 Contains info about registered pets and stray animals in the shelter.

🐾 Makes it easy to identify the owner of the lost pet and reunite them

🐾 Owners can add their pets to the registry from the public portal

🐾 Info is accessible to registered users all over Estonia, which helps to keep the data up-to-date

🐾 Higly functional but user-friendly software

🐾 A clear overview about all the animals in the municipality (both registered and stray animals)

Public portal

The public portal of LLR pet register is specially designed for pet owners. From there, pet owners of the municipalities (who are using the registry) can always access their pet’s information in the registry and make sure all the data is correct. If something has changed, owners can easily update the information.
Owners can also register their new animals from the portal as well. The registration is completely free with the Estonian ID-card. 

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