e-Event information system AKIS

AKIS is a web-based nation-wide infosystem meant for citizens and companies that want to organize public event or a gathering in the municipality’s territory. Our infosystem helps them to electronically apply for the event licence and to get the necessary permits from the municipality and their sub-organisations.

Software helps with the electronic application, processing, issuing and publishing permits for different public events, firework shows and sports events. AKIS infosystem helps to speed up the procedural process, since all the communication between the participants takes place in the software.

AKIS infosystem is connected with:

  • Population Register

  • Commercial Register

  • e-Land Register

  • Estonian Register of Economic Activities

  • Estonian Land Board's Address Data System

  • Construction register

Communication between different registries significantly saves everyone's time. It also helps to make fewer mistakes, because a lot of information is pre-filled. In addition, all the documentation is in one place, where it's easly accessible to all the parties, thus making it easier to get a overview of the process.

Event organizer can apply for the permit and submit all the necessary documents from the portal. Organizer always has an overview of the process and can see whether the application has been reviewed, issued or signed digitally.

All the info about the issued permits is accessible to the public from a portal, where they can also search upcoming events from a interactive map or the calendar. Citizens can even subscribe to receive automatic email notifications about events happening in a place that interests them. Here is the public portal for the city of Tallinn

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