e-Cemetery management information system Haudi

Haudi is a web-based information system for cemetery management, which preserves and organizes data about the buried and makes it available to people interested in history and to the users of burial places.  

Haudi is universal – unlimited number of cemeteries can join with the system. This means that in the future, people could possibly get acquainted with data from all national cemeteries through one nationwide cemetery portal on the internet.

The software is of big help to cemetery workers, local government officials and citizens, making communication faster and easier. Haudi makes it possible to preserve and organize data about the buried, the burial places and their users; it is also possible to integrate it with the map of the cemetery.

The software is also connected with the public cemetery portal (www.kalmistud.ee,) where citizens can search for the people buried across all the local authorities that have joined with Haudi. Basically Haudi is an e-cemetery where the whole history of a country’s cemeteries is retained. Therefore, in addition to being a place where data is preserved, the register is also important from the historical point of view. With the help of Haudi, citizens can communicate with cemetery workers, order services, conclude contracts, look for a burial place on the map, etc. Public Cemetery portal helps to introduce country's cemetery culture and nation history to the whole world.

Haudi statistics in Estonia:

- 200 000 public searches per month
- Vistors from 93 different countires
- More than 0.75 million records

Haudi carries a priceless cultural value for our history and our nation!

Haudi helps us not to forget the past – no country or a nation is big enough not to care about their history and ancestries.
One day all of our lives will end the same way, either we want it or not. And we all want to be remembered.

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