Data processing software ATOMO


After the changes in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), municipalities are now obligated to keep track of all the personal data they collect and process. We developed the Data processing registry ATOMO for municipalities to help them to adapt to the new rules, regulations and obligations.

ATOMO software brings clarity to an otherwise somewhat complicated subject. Infosystem helps to map and organize the information, so the local municipality has a clear understanding about what kind of data, why and based on what they are gathering and where; to determine all the responsible institutions and people, technical measures and security information, etc.

The data entry is made easier with reusable lists and options that each user can add themselves - that way each municipality can adjust the software according to their own specific needs.

ATOMO not only helps with collecting and organizing the info about the data processes, but makes the everyday work easier - all of the information is in one place and the data processing specialist can quickly have a clear overview. Data can easily be saved to a .xls file, where it’s presentable to other authorities (for example Data Protection Inspectorate).

Information about data processing in municipalities is also accessible to the citizens from the public portal. From there, everyone can see what kind of data their local municipality collects and processes.  
All of that info is public – as it should be. And since the info is public, it helps to save the time of data processing specialist – when someone makes an inquiry about the data, he or she can just redirect them to the public site, where the info is always up to date.