Capitation fee calculation system PAI

This information system is for calculating a capitation fee for children, who do sports in the municipality. PAI infosystem helps the local municipalities to calculate a specific capitation fee for every child, who does sports in the municipality and distribute that money fairly amongst the children. The local municipalities have a thorough overview of the children, who do sports and can control the whole process.The money distribution becomes fair and transparent - that way there is no way to cheat the system!

The correct money calculation and fair distribution system for children’s sports is quite a complex topic in municipalities. The system consists of lots of different data and many difficult formulas, which are hard to manage without the help of a software.

Our infosystem's formula takes account lots of factors, for example:
- Child's age
- The specific sport
- Child's registered residence
- Trainer's qualification
- Number of hours training per week
- Number of children in the municipality alltogether
- Size of the municipality's budget and etc..

Infosystem is connected with the population register and the nation-wide trainers register from where the info about the coaches qualification is transferred. Parent chooses from the public portal the exact sport they want the municipality to support, incase the child does more than one sport. The municipality, sports club, coaches, child and their parents are all a part of the money distribution system.

Software helps to establish a clear overview of the money distribution system and it helps the municipality to save both time and money

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