Our softwares

During the 25 years that we've been in the business, we have created a lot user-friendly original software for very different target groups, such as private companies, local municipalities, ministries, government and etc. Today our portfolio consists of more then 60 information systems and softwares.
We are also the biggest software development partner for the local municipalities in Estonia.

Here are some of our more popular softwares:

- HAUDI: Web-based cemetery management system for municipalities

- LLR: Nation-wide pet register for local municipalities

- OPIS: Information system for excavation and road closure permits in the municipality

- AKIS: Public gatherings infosystem for municipalities

- RAIE: Logging permits information system for municipalities

- PAI: Software for calculating a capitation fee for children, who do sports in the municipality.

- QUALMAN: Quality management software

- CAESAR: Construction amount calculation and estimation software

- REGINA: Human resources software

- REENI: Rent calculation software and web interface e-Reeni

- ABIKS: Web management system for homepages


You can see the full list of our softwares and information systems in our portfolio!